Troubleshooting the iHart software

Force quit the camera

Some versions of iHart don't stop the camera window when the program is exiting. This problem has been fixed as of version 2.1. On older versions, use the Activity Monitor or the Task Manager to quit the "cvServer" process.

Help windows do not show up

When sliding the 'help' trackbar to the right, an empty window might appear instead of a window with help information. This is fixed as of version 2.2; the same help information can also be found here.

The server can't find the camera

Sometimes, the iHart software won't be able to detect a camera when starting the main program, and the program won't run properly. Try restarting your computer.

iHart won't detect faces

There's an issue that arises when the application is exported that leads to the exclusion of a file iHart needs to detect faces. This is fixed as of version 2.2.

Other Issues

There may be other issues not listed here that appear on the GitHub issue queue.

If you have been using iHart and come upon an error not listed here or on GitHub, please make use of the GitHub issue queue on the public iHart repository to notify the maintainers of iHart.