Automatically starting iHart

Note: this guide assumes some familiarity with the project. Check out the software page and the applications page for general overviews.

If you're setting up iHart for a long term display, you can use the provided autostart script to reduce maintainence requirements. The script,, and its associated autostart.config configuration file, live in the project's bin/ folder.

Setting preferences

The autostart.config file allows you to set preferences without modifying the script itself. Each variable is detailed below.

Configuring the script

While you should not need to make any edits to the script, there are a few steps required to set up your computer so that the script runs when the computer boots up. We suggest downloading the iHart project to a guest account that has few permissions in order to facillitate a secure setup.

Note: These instructions below are currently only applicable to OS X.

  1. Make sure the opens using the Terminal application by default. Navigate to the bin/ folder, then right-click and select "Get Info", and under "Open with" choose "Terminal". (Full instructions here.)

  2. Set up a user that will automatically log in when the computer starts up. As an adminstrator, open "System Preferences", select "Users and Groups", and click on the lock icon in order to make changes. Click "Login options", then "Automatic login", and choose an account that has access to the iHart project. (Full instructions here.)

  3. Set the script to run automatically upon login. Open "System Preferences", select "Users and Groups", then the user you set up in the previous step. Click "Login items", and use the "+" to add the script as a login item. (Full instructions here.)

You're done! If you restart your computer you can check that your setup is functioning correctly.

If you're working with multiple displays, you can optionally assign applications to a particular display/space.