Application Development

Running iHart Applications

First, run the iHart software. A full explanation of the software can be found here.

To run an application, navigate to the folder containing that application's files. The current applications are in "client -> apps".

Flash applications:

From the application’s folder, run the .swf file (OSX or Windows), or the .app file (OSX).

Note: Flash iHart applications will only run with server versions <= 2.3, as the Flash client library is being deprecated.

Java applications:

See the Java application development guide section on running Java applications.

If the applications won't run, you're getting errors, or it seems like the application isn't sensing motion, try the troubleshooting suggestions here.

Examples of Current iHart Applications

Bellow is a partial list of iHart applications. All of these applications (including source code) can be downloaded from GitHub.


Butterflies follow the motion of the user and cluster together. Screenshot of the Butterfly Application


Flowers grow around the areas where movement is detected. Screenshot of the Flowers Application

Mario Jump

The user can play as Mario. Screenshot of the MarioJump Application

Snow Scene

The snowflakes fall around the areas outlined by user's motion. Screenshot of the Snows Scene Application


The user can play the piano by creating motion in front of the proper keys. Screenshot of the Piano Application


Fireworks explode around the areas where movement is detected. Screenshot of the Fireworks Application