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Barsha Shrestha


My name is Barsha Shrestha and I am a senior at Mount Holyoke College. I am a Chemistry major and a Computer Science minor. I got interested in Computer Science my sophomore year after I learned I could build games from my childhood just after taking one coding class! This semester, I am taking Algorithms, Computing Systems, Symbolic Logic (along with relearning ActionScript as part of my Independent Study). I am also working on another Independent Study that deals with computational analysis of perovskties for increase the efficiency of fuel cells. I am also excited to work on more applications as part of the iHart project and hopefully have them display around campus!

I have been Chemistry 101 and Chemistry 201 TA for the past 3 years. I love teaching and love to be actively involve with the growth of students. I can see this growing into a career in the future. As a Chemistry major with a good amount of programming experience, any project that combines the two and makes wet chemistry redundant excites me. I am also interest in Big Data and think that hard sciences should take advantage of this new and powerful concept. I plan to go to graduate school and somehow mold all my interests into one to be able to study what I am truly passionate about.

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Kayla Nguyen

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Kayla Nguyen is a freshman at Mount Holyoke College, planning to major in Computer Science and Psychology. Technology enthusiast and future world traveler, she loves coding, messing around with hardware and learning different languages and cultures. Human-machine and human-robot interaction are fields that got her smitten. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, writing and being an awkward cat.

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Yavneeka Patel

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Hello, my name is Yavneeka Patel and I’m a Computer Science and Economics double major. I am also the treasurer for two student orgs on campus, Computer Science Society and Bedsiders, MHC.

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Amna Aftab

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I am a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. This semester, I’m a part of the iHart applications development team.

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Miriam Cherayil

Class Year: 2018
Major(s): Undecided but leaning towards Computer Science and Economics.

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