Welcome to the iHart GitHub Page!

The iHart: Interactive Hallways for Attraction and Retention in Technology project provides inexperienced programmers with the unique opportunity to develop interactive scenes and games that can be displayed on floors and walls, creating a fun and refreshing diversion from the hustle of everyday life for anyone who walks by. The project strengths lie in its intuitive development environment and its easy and inexpensive installation into the hallway. The goal of the iHart project is to attract and inspire students to pursue careers in computer science and information technology.

How to download and install iHart:

  1. You can download all the files necessary for installing and running iHart on you computer above.
  2. To run the iHart software go to server --> dist, then go to either mac or windows depending on your operation system and run the program called cvServer.
  3. Next, return to the main iHart folder and go to client --> apps. Choose an application to test open its folder and run the .swf file.

iHart applications include: